Outplacement Service

For any organisation who has made the difficult decision to make some positions redundant but want to offer as much help as possible to affected employees, we provide a holistic and personalised service, focused on each individual. We can cover most of the topics below on a group basis or a more personalised one to one. We are happy to help anyone, regardless of skillset or seniority. As a registered charity our fees are very reasonable. Our staff are highly experienced professional consultants with years of experience in their specialist fields. We have an office which can be used for small group sessions or confidential off-site one-to-one meetings. We also pay to have access to a set of Careers Software for those seeking a possible change of career - see https://ad.cascaid.co.uk/#/

We are able to give practical, detailed help with:

  1. Sources of jobs: The best job boards to use, how to get the best response from agencies, networking, LinkedIn, local and national press and other sources
  2. CV's: Practical advice on why they are structured the way they are, possible layouts and format, how to put your experience into words, spelling and grammar checks, and job-specific CVs. We can also help with Covering Letters/Emails and handling presence on social media
  3. Applying for jobs: Speculative and Specific Applications, Covering Letters/Emails, phone calls, application forms, follow-up
  4. Interview preparation What to find out pre-interview, researching the employer, researching the role, what to take to an interview, questions that interviewers might ask, questions that the interviewee could ask, appearance, arranging a suitable time and planning the journey
  5. The interview itself: Different types of interviews (group, panel, HR, department head, second, appointment, video recording answers, online), testing, arrival and greeting, physical behaviour, advice on listening and communicating, what to observe, ending the interview, follow-up
  6. Contract work: For any candidates considering becoming a contractor, we can help with the pros and cons of the lifestyle, what a contractor needs to have in place (insurances, limited company set-up, professional organisations etc.), how to write a contract CV, how to approach agencies, and IR35
  7. Qualifications: Help with academic or vocational courses and qualifications, memberships of professional bodies
  8. Counselling: We can offer counselling to candidates who feel they would like to undergo this before deciding about their career with a neutral person unconnected to their employer and in strict confidence.
We can also provide ongoing follow-up meetings or coaching to check progress and offer help as candidates need it.